Social empowerment

Our responsibilities towards our farmers:

Since Day 1, NPPL has been a mission-driven company thinking about all the stakeholders from the environment, to our team members, to our broader community, and to our investors who are all aligned with our mission of growing the best plants possible for the betterment of humanity. We are proud to serve as a catalyst for positive transformational change not only in agriculture but also business overall.

Socio-economic and development program for the farming community

  •  Long-term contracts with farmers to ensure regular and assured market
  •  Creating sustainable livelihoods for local farmers
  •  Providing best quality seeds and bio inputs
  •  Expert training on innovative farming techniques
  • Technical guidance for on-farm inputs
  •  Enhance their livelihood

Farmer’s Federation

There are 2 farmer’s federations working with Nature Pearls Pvt. Ltd in Nanpara & Jammu region. Farmers’ Clubs are made at the village level & all members have elected office bearers like President, Secretary & Treasurer at the club level democratically. All the Presidents of clubs are members of the Farmer’s Federation & Federation members again elect office bearers of the Federation. All producers decide on social and economic development projects & organize an Annual General Meeting every year.


After the intervention, producers united under the project as a farmer’s group and made their own Farmer’s Federation democratically. Farmer’s Federation has facilities for all group members, like training regarding technical know-how in organic farming, making on-farm inputs, socio-economic projects, and the need assessment process.
Farmers’ Federation has decided on many socio-economic development projects like stitching centers at many club levels, computer centers at village club level, modern agricultural equipment and good quality seeds for better yield, after deciding democratically with all the members.
Now, Farmers have a good & assured market and reasonable prices due to quality produce. Women and children are getting technical education at the village level. Moreover, the group is well aware of organic farming & its practices and all the farmers are certified under organic standards.

Social Responsibility

Responsible Approach