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While the world steps up in search of a better future, we stroll down the past to retrace the steps of our ancestors for a healthy tomorrow. In pursuit of the best, we at Nature Pearls amalgamate the traditions of yesterday, the trends of today and the necessity of tomorrow. We provide pure, great-tasting organic rice, cereals & ancient grains, spices and much more that consumers rely on as the cornerstone of their nutritional health. We strongly believe organic food is an essential choice for personal and environmental health.

Our faith lies in a plain sailing philosophy rooted in our tradition and culture – Eat Good, Feel good, Do good. To leave behind something greater than our company and us for our future competitors is what we yearn to accomplish. 

Founded in 2014, Nature Pearls Private Limited reached soaring heights as India’s pioneer Organic Food Company with the purpose to deliver health, and happiness, diminishing environmental damage and improving the ecological balance over time. We have been serving the trust of 100% organic food with a strong and stalwart global presence. Our model is based on ethical values, social responsibilities, ecological sustainability and life-enhancing virtues that are the backbone of our company. 

We Are the Impact

With an approach to create better opportunities for the farmers, improve soil health, and preserve biodiversity from chemical elements, the company is continuously inspiring the organic food industry. The size of the project, the trust of farmers, and growing productivity of crops say it all about how nature pearls family is growing and impacting the world.

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We grow food in its purest and cleanest form. We do our bit for Mother Nature in many premium farm locations which are naturally preserved by socio economic factors from pollution and chemical-free soil. Our farms locations are widely distributed for high-quality organic standards and for appropriate farming practices. 

NPPL has a beautiful, sustainable & large project in Jammu & Kashmir for rice, in South India for spices like turmeric, in Bundelkhand for pulses & lentils, and Uttar Pradesh for basmati & non-basmati rice. 


Basmati & Non Basmati Rice

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Directly from Farm to plate

We proudly own the position of one the largest organic rice milling facility. Our farming approach has helped us lead and be the one of the largest organic rice exporter from India. NPPL is seizing the next level of global growth in multiple organic food products like Organic Ready to eat gourmet meals, organic spices, organic multigrain flours, organic pulses & lentil and many more categories. Since the inception, our company has been on a constant rise and we are backed with solid revenue growth.

Our strength lies in our values. We treat our source of organic produce i.e our soil, with the utmost respect. NPPL believes in optimizing production while preserving natural resources like water, air and soil. Our farming practices involve modern agriculture equipment and high-quality seeds.

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Our organic farming practices contribute to mitigating global warming and the greenhouse effect by retaining carbon in the soil, minimizing tillage, and raising productivity. NPPL’s agriculture methods reduce non-renewable energy, enhance carbon sequestration and encourage farming systems resilient to climate change.

We encourage ecology-oriented farming that safeguards biodiversity and preserves natural resources by removing chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. The positive impact of our farming techniques is clearing landscapes and more species, including wild flora and fauna.

NPPL has eradicated chemical inputs, resulting in increased labor requirements compared to conventional agriculture. Our modernist techniques have contributed massively to rural employment and benefitted marginal farmers. Delving into the larger picture, we have assured food
security at the family and national levels.

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Ajay Katyal
CEO & Director
Mukesh Sharma
Sr. GM – Agri Project
Tarun Sethi
GM – International Sales Marketing

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